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Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems are designed to protect the physical assets within unoccupied premises and to provide a safer environment for occupants.

What Security 1 Solutions provide

We offer a comprehensive range of intruder, lone worker alarms, plant and medical back-to-base monitored alarm applications, that can be designed around your budget and security needs.

These services are carried out by our fully qualified and licensed technicians. When an alarm system is installed, security company Stickers are strategically placed around the premises and these are to inform potential intruders that there is a sophisticated intruder system fitted, plus if criminal damage is noted by passers-by then the phone number of your nominated security firm is displayed.


Alarm systems have a control panel with a back-up battery that ensures the system continues to operate in the event that the mains power is cut, or if there is a legitimate power failure in that area. The alarm system is controlled onsite by one or more keypads that require a four-digit code.

With technological advancements, alarm systems now also enable you to, from anywhere in the world, use a phone app to remotely control the alarm system itself, lock or unlock electronic gates or doors, turn lighting systems on or off, plus watering systems and other similar systems can be controlled, if cabled into these intelligent alarm systems.

Alarm systems offer further peace of mind by enabling you to partially arm your premises while you are in the building. The partial arm feature is a mode used to arm the perimeter and unused areas of an occupied premises to protect unused sections of the house when you are at home.

Alarm Systems can provide the following functionality:
  • Peace of mind

  • Access control

  • Intruder detection devices

  • Links into the Video Surveillance system (if fitted)

  • Lone employee alarms (in-house or remote)

  • Medical alert alarms

  • Panic or duress buttons

  • Plant monitoring for industry (air conditioning, refrigeration etc.)

  • Smoke and fire detection devices

Alarm System Types

Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarms are a proven deterrent to crime and vandalism and enable an appropriate response to alarm events coordinated by our Grade A1 Monitoring Centre. 

The electronic equipment required to detect intruders includes:

  • Magnetic-Reed switches (MRS) fitted to perimeter doors,

  • Roller Shutter contacts (RSC) fitted to roller doors,

  • A variety of movement detectors (PIR’s) fitted rooms

  • Break Glass detectors fitted to areas where forced entry may be through glass windows or doors

  • Panic buttons to alert others (police, security or colleagues) that you are in duress

  • Smoke Detectors that not only warn people inside, but lets the 24hr Control Room know when there is smoke detected.

All of the above mentioned detectors can be directly hard-wired to the control panel, or connected via wireless equipment where a wired installation is not practical.

Audible Alarm Systems


Internal audible devices are designed to deter the intruder and is primarily there to minimise the property damage caused, therefore lessen the amount of assets stolen.

If an intrusion to any area is detected, the control panel will trigger the sirens, display the fault at the Code Pad and automatically send the coded digital-data to the Control Room receivers. An external siren complete with a blue strobe light that flashes is also fitted to the street side of the premises and when an intrusion is detected this device is designed to alert passers-by to take note of vehicles and persons and also indicates the site location for responding Security and or Police response teams.

The sirens will sound for up to 8 minutes and then silence until the next unauthorised movement is detected inside, however the blue strobe will continue to flash until the response person turns off the security intruder alarm system.

Duress Alarm Systems

In work environments where staff are at risk from violent attack by clients or the public, or where they work alone, there is a clear need to provide ways of immediately triggering a Duress alarm (also known as Personal Alarms, Panic Alarms or Man-Down Alarms) and notifying others of the situation.

We can offer you a solution that best suits your needs and budget to protect your staff when they are in duress either in-house or off-site.

For staff working independently and isolated within their workplace, staff-assistance devices are designed to provide differing levels of protection and support for those staff members in case of a medical emergency, or if members of the public, or even your customer, places staff members in fear of their welfare.

Plant & Air Conditioning Alarm Systems

An alarm system helps to monitor the plant, equipment and processes within safe and normal operating conditions.

Generally, plant alarm systems are required for:

  • Safe and normal operation of plant/equipment

  • Production at optimum levels

  • Identification of abnormal, hazardous and unsafe plant/equipment conditions and taking corrective action

  • Fault identification and communication of faults to maintenance

Our technicians can wire your alarm system into your refrigeration, air-conditioning, in fact any plant equipment. Then your mechanical services provider will provide a socket to patch the control panel into and then if you get a high temperature alarm for example, then we will notify your response team. There are NO additional monitoring fees for this option

Alarm Buttons & Devices

Panic Buttons:

Assistance from Police or Security Services, and within the workplace.

Hard-wired Panic-Buttons can be fitted to reception plus areas where cash and valuables are being handled by your staff. These buttons are cabled back to the Control Panel location and patched into an available 24hour silent sector to initiate a Security and or Police Services response.

Inter-Office Assist Button:

Assistance from Colleagues

When pressed, the inter-office assist system provides a discreet method of alerting others within the office itself that a colleague requires some form of intervention. The button is discreetly pressed, then a low-tone will sound plus an alarm window will appear on other selected computers within the workplace. This means that everyone who is near a selected computer can be alerted within seconds that a colleague requires support and intervention from others can commence.

Wireless Duress Pendant​:

Assistance from Police or Security Services, and within the workplace

This duress pendant option is for when staff are working alone in the office, are customer facing and are in fear of their welfare. They firmly believe that without intervention the situation will escalate and require the assistance from Security and or Police Service.

With the availability of a hand held, dual button, wireless pendant staff member can have this device under their clothing or in their pocket and if needed will discretely press both buttons at the same time. This action will send a silent signal back to the existing AlarmControl panel and a Duress Signal will be received by the Control Room. There are NO additional monitoring fees for this option, however the panel will require a wireless receiver be fitted.

The "Code Grey" response initiated by the security Control Room operator is initially dictated by management and could be to call reception, an off-duty staff member etc., or for an efficient independent response then a Police or Security Officer can be dispatched to attend the "Code Grey" incident. The initial actions on arrival by the officer should be non-confrontational and an assessment will be made as to how best to provide assistance to ensure your staff member is safe.

Personal Safety Device:

Assistance from Alarm Monitoring Centre whilst away from the workplace

For staff working alone, away from the office and are within 3G mobile network range, there are specific staff-assistance devices available that are designed to provide protection and support for those staff members out in the field in case of a medical emergency, or if members of the public or even your customer places them in fear of their welfare.

The Personal Safety Device is specifically designed for protecting staff working alone out in the field. This unit is a small, lightweight and easy to use unit and in case of emergency simply press the SOS button and the device will use the 3G mobile network to send an alert signal that includes the staff member’s current location to the 24hour security Control Room.

Features of this device include:

  • SOS, Geo-fence, and Low Battery Alarms

  • Speeding Alarm

  • Person down/Fall Alarm

  • Track on Demand

  • Track by Time & Distance Intervals

  • Telstra 3G network coverage

  • Listen-in (Voice Monitoring)

  • Waterproof casing IP65 rated

  • Uses GPS and GSM base station positioning

  • Low Power Consumption with up to 7 days’ standby

Monitoring - the Control Room monitoring this device uses a secure web-based platform to track the location of the device in case of emergency. This web-based platform is also available to nominated staff that can login by password from anywhere in the world to view the location and status of these devices. The real-time GPS tracking system sends data back to the 24hr Control Room operator in the case of an emergency.

Response - there are differing types of emergency responses available to this safety device and these procedures are tailored to meet each organisations specific needs and can include phoning the device direct, phoning the office alerting staff or escalating the response to Security and or Police services.

Tracking - whilst in the work place if management are concerned about the wellbeing of the staff member, the GPS tracking service provides the ability to locate the Personal Safety Device location as the device sends and receives data using GPRS through a 3G network.

Medical Alarms:

Personal duress devices.


These personal alarm buttons (pendants) are linked to a receiver which sends an alert to those who are programmed into the system with their phone number. This provides peace of mind to elderly or disabled people living alone. By using the pendant, your loved ones can reach you, or emergency services, quickly and easily from wherever they are.

Extra pendants can be purchased for the personal alarm if there is more than one person requiring assistance in the same home. Battery back-up is also included in case of power failure.

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