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Security Guard in Surveillance Room

24 Hour Monitoring

Our Alarm Monitoring service ensures your security system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any alarm condition from your security system is transmitted via your phone line/3G unit/NBN directly to our Control Room.

Our highly trained operators will then immediately notify the nominated contact person or security patrol service to allow for swift and immediate response.

What Security 1 Solutions Monitor

Security 1 Solutions is able to monitor an endless variety of alarm types and events and provide a response plan to suit your application. Below are the most common alarm types, if you have something else in mind chances are we will be able to accommodate it with a customized response plan.

  • Burglary/Intrusion alarms

  • Hold-up/Duress alarms

  • Lone Employees alarms

  • Smoke alarms

  • Plant/Air conditioning alarms

Swap my Monitoring
Should you wish to change your current monitoring arrangements, please use our contact form or phone our office on 0260 242 068.


Security 1 Solutions utilises a 24 hour, Grade A1 monitoring centre, which provides our customers with the very best level of security.


We provide alarm monitoring for homes and businesses of all sizes, from small through to national corporations and the most secure government organisation throughout Metropolitan Melbourne, Regional Victoria or Southern New South Wales.

Why Choose S1S Monitoring?

There are many different reasons our customers choose to be monitored by us such as:

  • Dedicated local customer care

  • Highest available rating ASIAL Grade A1 monitoring centre

  • Reliable technology and response

  • Competitive rates

  • Monthly monitoring activity reports


What is a Grade A1 Monitoring Centre?


ASIAL operates a well-respected grading scheme for alarm monitoring centres to ensure clients’ security monitoring is not interrupted by anything (fire, flood, technical difficulties, power outages etc.).

Typically, the type of items that are covered in the standard are

  • The construction of the monitoring centre, together with its physical and fire protection

  • Access into the monitoring centre and its 'modus operandi'

  • Ventilation systems (their integrity and operation)

  • Power supply arrangements (multiple redundancy and standby times)

  • Communications (telephones, duress and radio)

  • Redundancy in the monitoring equipment and its record-keeping

The ASIAL scheme seeks to provide customers with the reassurance that the standards applied at a monitoring centre are independently audited on a regular basis.

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